A Wyze Garden Hose Spigot Controller

Sure but the ones I have do both, so I prefer to have the flexibility and fallback. I don’t have to use the local controls unless I want to. The app (and Alexa) work fine.

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Smart Outdoor Water Facet Controller

Does anyone else have a bad habit of turning on the outdoor water facet to water their foundation with a soaker hose, and forget it’s on for a day or two? I may have done just the several times last month and it resulted in a water bill almost $500, when it should have been under $100.

I have the Wyze Sprinkler setup and I love it! What I really need now is a Wyze smart device to connect to each water facet, around my house so I can connect them to soaker hoses, which will water my flower beds and the foundation of my house during the peak of the summers. I’d love it if it could also work with the Wyze Sprinkler, to be added as an additional zone, per device. This would save me time and money, as well as save my homes foundation so I don’t continue seeing cracks in my walls.

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Sprinkler master valve manual trigger

I have a hose bib on my sprinkler line. It would be great to be able to activate the master valve to allow me to use the sprinkler without another zone…