A real Bug Tracking Matrix

In order to have better user visibility to known issues you should have a live Bug / Issue tracking llist published somewhere.
This should include details such as:
Type (Firmware, Hardware or App …)
Products Affected ( Cameras, Sense, Bulbs, Etc. )
Status : ( Reported,Working on it, Researching, Verified, Released ) .
ICA: - If the bug has an Interim Corrective Action ( ICA ) Link to the ICA details .
PCA - Permanent Corrective Action -Expected Release Date, PCA release Date and Release Version . Also a link to a brief description of the issues that includes symptoms or operations affected .

There is a known issues page here. However, it is not being kept up to date.

There is an effort underway to develop a more public facing known issues page that can be more easily kept up to date. Unfortunately, I don’t know the timing on that effort. Perhaps @WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeMark can provide an update.

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We have a new page that we are planning to update regularly here:

Sorry for the delay! :slight_smile:


Could you put a time frame on “regularly”?
I take vitamins regularly (usually daily), I pay my federal taxes regularly (usually annually).
That page would be great but it was last updated August 19th, two weeks ago.
And there have been a lot of known bugs introduced with new app changes.

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I’m aiming to have it updated this week but wanted to have time to collect the bugs first since I don’t have the ability to update it myself and can’t make on the fly adjustments. The cadence is expected for about every two weeks.

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