90 degree image adjustment


  • Though already mentioned in an earlier review, I just want to emphasize that we really need the ability to rotate the image 90 degrees in both directions in addition to the 180 degree flip currently available. One location in my home has a vertical surface that would be ideal to attach the camera to but I couldn't place it there due to the lack of a 90 degree rotation ability. Please add that to a future software update!


I wished for the same thing, but because the image sensor is not square, the only options would be to not use all the the available image, or to distort the image aspect ratio. Neither of these is acceptable in my opinion.

What is really needed is some way to change the physical orientation of the camera. Something that the current mount doesn’t allow, as you have stated.

Something like https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/mounting-options/#post-72308 would allow you to convert the vertical serface to horizontal. I don’t have any great suggestions, but I don’t see how doing a 90 degree rotation of a non-square image would turn out the way you would want it to.

Here is a post with a picture of the v1 and v2 image sensors on the circuit boards.



I agree, you would then have the video in portrait orientation, like when people take videos with their phone vertical. It would probably not play well for the thumbnails and playback in the app.

However, when mounting on a vertical wall, if your rotate the base about 45 degrees, you can achieve a good view with the normal landscape orientation. See the photo below.