7/9/19 New Feature?

I felt it appropriate to ask in here considering the nature of this group. Does anyone know the “new feature” coming on the 9th? Is it something we or the beta group has been testing? Maybe person detection? I can’t remember if that’s mainstream yet. Mods let me know if this is a no no hahah


My guess would be you’re on the right track, but I’m hoping it’s another surprise :grin:

We moderators have been sworn to silence on this; sorry. :frowning:


Kitten detection. Whenever a kitten is detected the camera automatically records and emails it to Gwen.


:shark::shark:… with frik’n’ laser beams.


That was yesterday’s FW update, upgraded the IR emitters to laser canons.


I’m guessing it’s something other than person detection, because I believe that’s been discussed outside of beta. All the secrecy, even to beta and early access, makes me think it’s something else…

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Auto-updating FW would be freakin’ amazing not gonna lie. But I doubt that would be something they do put a ticker on their website for :joy:

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It Has to be something that the masses would care about in order for them to put on their website like you said. My gut tells me it is something that even beta and early access don’t know about. If it is something we know about I’m guessing it’s person detection

@MrRat that made me LOL :grin:

The weight is killing me!


Lol, I see what you did there :wink:

Yeah, well, I hoping that’s what is going to be released to the public on 7/9! Probably not, but hope springs eternal.

We already have one on those connected weighting things that keeps a record of changes. Let’s just say the wife IS NOT a fan.

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I thought about getting one of those but my wife said ABSOLUTELY NOT

I think y’all need to “scale” back your expectations.


Think? Or know? :slight_smile: look at the info, says “update”, and has a picture of the two cams holding hands. Weither or not the holding hands has anything to do with it, update prob means software related.

Maybe it’s just a marketing ploy to see what ideas we come up with

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Yeah, but there will probably be a lot more weight before the wait is over!