5 minute cooldown, A solution

You’re complaining about a feature (configurable cooldown period) that would cost and that wasn’t part of the original deal when you bought the camera.

Sure you can ask for it as a new paid feature, but you were complaining that during B&E at your residence, that feature wasn’t there.

In addition …

You got a notification there was a break-in. During the next 5 minutes, due to the cooldown feature, you’re complaining that you were not notified of the thieves’ egress? Are you serious?

As I stated, it’s all in the SD card.

There weren’t cameras that stored video in the cloud and sent notifications to your phone 10 years ago. It would have been stored locally. You can already do that with Wyze cams.

If you’d like to build your own system that continuously records with the cameras using another device, there’s also RTSP firmware that enables this, if you’d like to get a little more advanced.

For cloud storage, there’s a premium service coming soon called “Complete Motion Capture” that will remove the cooldown period and video length limitations. It’s available in the beta version of the app now, if you’d like to be a beta tester. After the beta period, it will be $1.49/month. You can find details here Complete Motion Capture Website Ready for Beta Testing

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I see that the question here is more about marking the recorded video and the notifications rather than cloud storage. And the forementioned can definitely improve the UX.

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Yeah, I didn’t think they were talking about cloud storage, just the ability to capture a whole event. I was just pointing out that Wyze can already capture the whole event. The cloud aspect of the service doesn’t do that, (Yet – unless you’re using the beta app) but the product itself does, just like the 10+ year old ones they were talking about.

But although the video is being captured onto the internal memory card, events are not marked within the cooldown period - I often see a running cat or a passing car, but miss a postman who brought a parcel. And when I see the parcel at my door, I cannot even know when it was delivered - it’s impossible to look through all those 100+ generated events.

I know that the problem can be solved by installing additional cameras in places where they won’t be that disturbed… but it’s not always possible as the cameras aren’t wireless/waterproof. Thus, setting a timeframe for notifications within the cooldown period would be very useful, especially with the power of AI person recognition.

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You are 100% correct, this is about notifications, not the cloud storage. (although it’d be great to have an option for the two to work together.)

Thanks for understanding – and for summarizing what I wrote into a bite sized high level requirement statement.

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Ah. I understand. I agree I’d like to see them expand the notification system to separate it from the cloud recording a little more than it is now.

If you don’t care about 24-hour continuous recording, per se, you can set the SD card only to record events. This will make it much easier to jump from event to event in the timeline, and the SD event recordings are not subject to the cool down period.

Wow - that’s great to know that SD event recording is not subject to the 5-minute cool down period. You seem to have a great understanding of how the cameras, app, and service operates; sadly, after much searching I’ve found absolutely none of this level of detail in any documentation. Did you learn these things by experimenting and reading the forums, or is there some primer you can point me towards?

Am I understanding you correctly that the 5-minute cool down period means that there’s a 5-minute period between notifications during which no video is sent to the cloud, BUT that during those 5-minutes, events will still be triggered, and the relevant video saved to the SD card? Is there any place for me to see a “list” of those events triggered during the cool-down period? (Other than the SD card folder?)

Even with event video being stored on the SD card during the time-out, I’m still not sure “setting the SD card to only record events” will resolve my issue. It depends if it will still NOTIFY me of an event if it is in between – which is something I really need – and if there’s a way for me to see a list of events during that time period. If not, then I may not know there’s anything worth looking at, and am again stuck reviewing a ton of extra video, albeit not 24x7 video, just “events”. Worse yet, from what I understand (which may be wrong), I’ll have to do it on-site by removing the SD card, instead of remotely via the app. (unless I can see through the mobile app the event video that is stored on the SD card.)


I’ve been telling you that for a long time. Check the thread.

“As I stated, it’s all in the SD card.”

You will NOT get notifications from events recorded to the SD card, only from items sent to the cloud, so you still would have 5 minute notification gaps

True. Then one has to search the SD card if continuous recording is on. This is why I prefer event-only SD recording. It’s easy to navigate to all the events that follow a (cloud) notification that I’m interested in.

This probably also saves wear and tear on the SD storage.


I prefer Event Only also, I run Event Only on all but one, I do run continuous on the other one

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Yes, qlang243, I know you’ve been saying that, and it is clear that you either STILL do not understand the feature request or the use case, do not care, or are just here to cause noise that distracts the Wyze employees from listening to valuable feedback about their product. Because, the latter is what you’re doing.

To restate it yet again –

The SD event recordings during a cool down period are useless to me:

  • Without getting notification of the events that take place during the cool down period;
  • Without a way to view said events through the mobile app;
  • Without a way to view a list of said events.

If my understanding of how the product(s) and service(s) is incorrect and the above functionality does actually exist, feel free to educate me – I welcome it.

If not, Wyze, please consider implementing a solution to the above. One possible solution would be a feature that allows notifications during the cool-down period while events are only stored on the SD card, with a way to view them remotely, so we don’t have to go hunting for files on the SD card with physical access to the cameras which are many times mounted in inaccessible places.

Thank you.

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I believe what you have said is clear. Those things do not exist currently the way you are looking for them to happen. I think the idea you had of getting notifications of an event recorded to SD is a good one, but I do not know what it would take to implement something like that.

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You should have known those are useless to you when you bought the camera. Now you’re trying to paraphrase your original post that you want these new features in new releases.

Nope, you were complaining that those features were not available when you got robbed.

That’s what you don’t understand.

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Hey, folks.

I’m going to open this thread again but please keep our community guidelines in mind. If you feel as if someone is breaking them, please flag the post so that the mods can step in instead of escalating. Please keep this in mind in the future, @hmh100. But we’re listening and we don’t discount requests just because other people are happy with the status quo. We won’t do everything people want but we do listen!

@qlang243, while you have some valid points, the way you’re presenting them is more aggressive than it needs to be and some of your comments were reiterations that didn’t add to the conversation and are more likely to just frustrate the person they’re directed at. We would appreciate it if you adjusted your approach in the future.

@hmh100, at this point, we can’t have notifications for microSD card recordings that don’t have Event videos. Our notifications are generated in the cloud as a response to a video uploading. We are sorry that your Wyze Cam didn’t catch the footage you needed or provide the other notification.

For learning more about our features, you may want to check out the User Guide in the support site. Here’s a link!



They could eliminate the 5 min cooldown period and still save money on cloud computing costs if they would implement the suggestions in other threads about increasing the duration of motion required to trigger motion/recording/upload/12 second counter to events over 1 second.