firmware has broken all my V2 and Pan Cameras

I tried it several times as well, but the one that worked for me was pulling out an old 2GB microSD card, formatting it to FAT32 and then copying the BIN file onto it. It wouldn’t work with the 32GB microSD card that I was using for recording.

Finally got it to work but what a hassle and trouble. I had to do that 10 times and was out of camera for two days. Why do they create an update and mess it up that bad I mean I could see if it was smaller one but this was major it wiped out all my cameras no use for two days working into the night to fix them. Wish I could get a discount or something for compensation. I was without two days of person section.


On the next firmware upgrade wait a day or so.
Check here first for anyone experiencing Upgrade issues which is common…but this was the worst for me yet !
Don’t press Upgrade All…especially if you have many cams and or hard to reach ones.
I’ll do one first, test and wait to see if it’s working like it should then do the rest of them.
Also keep the SD card with the old firmware just in case you need it for the coming Upgrade that may possible fail …again ?

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I have two v2’s that have been updated to 191 OTA. They work exactly as they should.

I also have two more v2’s still on 156 and are not prompting me to update the firmware like the first two. Perhaps Wyze stopped the auto update due to issues?

I wait for information on firmware updates too. Always check the #news and #firmware sections before updating!:smiley:

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Yes they did pause the update

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Make sure you read down the link above for returning v2 cameras to workable firmware, worked like a dream. That last firmware update from Wyze broke all my v2 camera connections too. https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031490871-How-to-flash-firmware-manually

The IOS app allows one to update the firmware in all of our cameras at the same time. This is handy so you don’t have to do each one individually. However, if there is an issue with the upgrade you have the potential to brick all your cameras with a single command. Several of my cameras are many miles away in another state so I don’t have physical access to them. If we had the ability to update all cameras in a group, I could easily update all of my local cameras and once I am convinced the update is solid I could go back and update my remote group. How about giving us the ability to update cameras by group?