3rd party cameras


I want to connect a USB camera extension to make the camera more hidden but I want to still be able to use and control it from the app is there a way to do this?


What do you mean by a “USB camera extension” ??


It’s a camera the is attached via usb cord, It has not web abilities and I want to use it as the camera and the camera as basically a connection to the internet


Sorry, I’m still not getting what you’re asking for. If you are asking if you can use a USB extension cord to get the camera further away from the wall socket, then the answer is “yes”. Or you can purchase a longer USB cord such as this:

If you are asking something else, please try again and provide as much detail as you can.


If you’re asking if you can connect a USB webcam to the USB port on the back of the Wyze Cam, that’s not possible. The USB port is only used to provide power via USB to a second Wyze cam.

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