3rd party apps on pc


Is there any 3rd party apps on PC that can view the cameras? Ive tried using ispy but with no luck! Does anyone know!?


@tronoxis You can use a android emulator like

but there is no official wyze app for pc or mac.


I am using a Fire TV and tinycam pro’s webserver to view cameras on my PC. I use one chrome browser to view 2 cameras and one opera browser to view 2 cameras. Resize and stack opera browser on top of chrome browser. I spend few minutes every day on this routine every morning. So far so far and I am used to the “inconvenience”. Previously I just need to open one chrome browser to view 4 cameras at a time. But the app was changed only firefox browser can be used to view 4 cameras at a time but doing so will make my notebook CPU very busy.

Anyway hope Wzye will develop a PC app like the Yi Home PC app soon.

With tinycam pro being compatible with Wyze cams and there is no need to forward/open port is the major convenience for me. I use Wyze app to veiw alerts or SD recordings when there is limited bandwidth. But I use tinycam pro frequently to view multiple cameras when @ home or there is enough bandwidth.


wyze has marked the pc/web access “maybe later”

wyze is currently working on rtsp which would allow similar functionality to view on pc/ browser.


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I will have to try this. I just want to be able to put up all 9 of my cameras on a monitor for me to view at once. Does tiny allow that?


I use BLUESTACKS 4 which is a decent Android emulator. Then, the Wyze app will run in Bluestacks on Windows. Howdver, some features will REQUIRE touchscreen to operate. I dont have a touchscreen.


If you use firefox, tinycam pro webserver via Fire TV will show max 4 cams at at time. But using firefox will make my PC CPU very busy. Hence I use chrome and Opera browsers to show 2 cameras using each.

tinycam pro via Fire TV can show 9 cams at a time if connected to a monitor directly.


I don’t have this fire TV thing you speak of but I definitely can get tiny cam software! Is this a TV? or is it the fire stick USB you talk about l


I use this one. But there is newer version.


bluestacks in bloated with ads though.


Bluestacks also takes FOREVER to startup and shutdown.

If I get a front door alert, I can’t be waiting 25 seconds for Bluestacks to launch. In that time, the person has probably already left. I don’t like to leave Bluestacks running because it likes to “DO THINGS” in the background.


I have been testing Bluestacks / TinyCam Pro today with 3 cameras and is killing my PC with high CPU usage (not an old crappy PC BTW).


I use the app player Bluestacks and then install the Wyze app using it and have no problems with it.


Same for me. That’s why I use Fire TV with Tinycam Pro webserver. Use Chrome for 2 cameras and Opera for another 2. Then resize and stack 2 windows together to view 4 cameras at a time. Using firefox can view 4 cameras at a time but again make my PC CPU very busy. I go through this routine every morning and get used to it :frowning: Hopefully Wyze will come up with a PC app, like Yi cam. Though I doubt it since it won’t be an easy task. Yi is from Xiaomi which is a much bigger company.


I have voted for this.
However I am using the MEMU program and it is not that much a resource hog like my Vivaldi browser is on the APPS listing.
This is on a Widows 10 2K 5 year old desktop.



Just installed and tried.
It makes my 4 yrs old win 8.1 i3 notebook cpu very busy, like BlueStacks tried before.
Very likely your desktop is more powerful.
Have to stick with my clumsy way of showing 4 cameras at a time.
No big deal, used to it…


Hopefully they can get this featured adopted in some way or another.

One drawback with WIFI is that its pointed at a street and the cars are smeared as they pass by and even people walking by have time lag also.

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