3D Touch (or long press) Notifications to See Clip

When I get a notification on my Nest cam, I can 3D Touch (on iOS) to view a short, low frame rate, 2-3 second video clip of the notification event. It’s a great feature because you can tell if the notification is worth viewing in seconds, without needing to open the app.

I don’t like to have notifications turned off by geofence once I arrive home, so I get notifications when I’m home and then I manually turn them off via the in-app shortcut at the top of the screen.
It would be great if I could 3D touch or long press and for the app to show me my shortcuts.

This would also help others who have a nanny or maid service or friend over at their house and want a quick and easy way to stop notifications.

I don’t know if this is an easy or impossible implementation, but I figured it was worth bringing up in case I’m not the only one.

I’ve never used that feature but the Ring app supports shortcuts to allow you to launch a stream for a specific camera and skip the main page. I have several Wyzecams and would love the same feature.

Since android Nougat (2016), android supports long-pressing on an app icon to perform specific actions within the app. These shortcuts can also be permanently added to a home screen. This would be a great addition so that I can jump straight to an often checked camera feed instead of always having to load the app, then choosing the desired camera.

Please provide the Android App shortcuts to view a camera’s feed directly by long pressing the app icon and selecting an action.


Why did the title get changed to add shortcuts? That’s not what I was saying. I want to be able to 3D Touch the push notification when an event occurs. I don’t think this relates to shortcuts at all, but correct me if I’m wrong. Here’s a gif showing what I mean:


^ this is what I am voting for

Would be great to have simple actions like Turn on/off, Record Clip, when 3D pressed on the app icon in iOS