360p vs SD vs HD Image Quality


I have about 20 of these v2 (classic and black combined) devices and a pair of pano cams and notice image quality and compression is quite odd.

360p : Seems to have the best Image Quality , fluidity of motion .
SD/HD : Only perceptible difference seems to indicate overcompression in HD mode with noisey / high detail scenery (grass, tree branches etc)

While being an obvious fan of these cameras at the price point , the IQ in real time viewing seems best at 360P to be able to zoom in on animals/objects etc.

Can anyone confirm that HD over compresses and creates too many artifacts? Is this only on Live View because even the local SD recorded and Online cips show the seem artifacts and compression.


Another observation is that HD is great once the color depth and field of view is limited in Night Vision mode. Nearly all of the compression artifacts are gone , and range with an addt’l IR emitter is great.


Anyone @Wyze that can chime in?