30 fps


I would gladly pay more ($50?) for a model that does 5Ghz wifi and 1080p@30fps.

(Admin Edit: This is being separated out to focus on the frames per second. If you would like to vote for 5GHz compatibility, please vote for that feature here.)


If you were doing something like this I think it would require a few other options as well including RTSP, POE, outdoor capable, etc.


Agreed for a “pro” model, it should be out of the box outdoor capable, and a more reliable connection. 9/10 times i load the camera i have to power cycle or wait for it to connect and reconnect 3 or 4 times before I can finally see video.


Sounds like the camera has a network issue. How far from the router is it?


Not that far, but it is mounted outside. I have a wifi extender in the garage which boosts the signal even more. On my cell phone in the same spot I get a very strong signal. The device settings indicate a WiFi strength of high 80s to low 90s at any given time


At that point you would probably be better off buying a different camera and would get even more features. The benefit of WyzeCam is how much you get for the tiny price!



I think that this fits under the request for 5GHz WiFi (Support 5GHz wifi band for Wyze Cams) and the FPS request would likely work better as a standalone. I’m going to adjust your title and add a note about this to your post but please let me know if you would like for me to undo that. We like having individual feature requests so that we can track interest. Please go vote for the 5GHz feature request if you haven’t done so yet. :slight_smile:


Thanks for splitting the requests. My argument for the higher FPS is greater utility when reviewing after a security breach. Every frame counts when trying to identify someone. I realize with higher FPS, the bitrate would go up, lowering the amount of video length that can be stored.


You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing your use case with us. :slight_smile: