2nd Wyze Micro not recognizing!!



I’m getting so frustrated my own person Wyze cam won’t recognize my Silicone Power card and sometimes it works display 10/00 like wtf ?

I unplugged it reaseated it

Registered it again. No dice. This made me 1 hour late from work…

Ugh. Is there anyway to re install firmware any other advice or tips ? Please it’s formatted correctly. One thing is I haven’t tried my other is another card or my previous one. I can do iit when I go home but damn what a waste. My week has been so bad

Positive review on Amazon said this card worked perfectly! I am a anxious and paranoid person so I’m just a little unnerved at the moment.


hello, as a test, can you please try another msd vendor; i.e. sandisk, samsung, etc.