220v support?

I live in a city where the electricity standard voltage is 220V.
I would like to know if is there any chance the wyze bulbs and plugs can work?

Thank you in advance,


Hello @MarcusVR,
The Wyze bulb will work with 220v but the Wyze plug will not.

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Thanks, StopICU33. By the way, I live in Brazil, and some Wyze products began to be sold here, but with another brand. The brand in question is Positivo, and although it has wide popular appeal it sells admittedly low quality products.
Wyze is a very innovative company with breakthrough products, and it is a shame to see its name associated with a company whose products have a low quality reputation. Also, if they are not Wyze products, they are blatant copies…

I don’t think Wyze is affiliated with Positivo. At least this is the first I have heard of that. Positivo is a one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Latin America. Which one of their products looks like Wyze’s products?

Wow! I see what you mean. Their cameras look just like the Wyze cams. I found their website.


Yep, now you may see why I thought that Positivo and Wyze were working togheter, the cameras are perfect replicas of Wyze cams! And I think there is an image risk to Wyze, once Brazil is the largest market in South America and Positivo is known by the bad quality of it’s products…
Would be interesting if Wyze team could know about it!

I will tag @WyzeGwendolyn and let her know about your concern. If these cams are a copycat product, I know they will look into it.

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they might be going through the same manufacturer. Wyze makes tweaks to the hardware for their needs and does the all the software in house. there are a few in Europe that on the surface look just like the V2 and pan cam as well.


That was my first thought as well. Big manufacturers make products for other companies all over the world, but not necessarily the same quality.

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There is now a #wishlist topic for 220v smart plugs.


I agree that my bet is that we’re licensing hardware from the same manufacturer. But I sent the link to my team just in case. Thanks, folks! :slight_smile: