2 Way HiFi Mic/Speaker

I have seen multiple requests for improved audio/mic functionality however it doesn’t seem to be real high on the priority list for WYZE developers. Because of this I would love to see a new product that could be utilized as both an upgrade and/or a dedicated/stand alone accessory.
I’m picturing something similar to the bridge that could be plugged into the USB port on existing cameras for power and the ability to disable the on board mic speaker and enable the accessory. If this isn’t an option it could at least record a separate time stamped audio file that would be listed with the default audio/video.
As a stand alone device it could be plugged into its own USB adapter or powered by a built in replaceable coin or rechargeable battery similar to the current sensors. IMO this would be a great addition to the WYZE family of products and would expand the use to include a whole home 2 way communication device similar to the old in wall units installed in every room of your home. It would also be a great security device in areas you don’t necessarily want to use a camera but would like to hear what is going on. Although I LOVE my current WYZE products the existing mic & speakers simply aren’t able to do this very well.
Thanks WYZE!!