2 of 4 Contact Sensors Unresponsive After Battery Change

What does the sensor do when you insert a new battery? Single flash or two? Two flashes is dead, in my experience. If single, I assume you tried unplugging the bridge, booting the camera (all the way to solid blue light), then inserting the bridge, and waiting for solid blue. Then try pairing again. If nothing, then yes, it’s dead.

Yeah, I didn’t delete any rules or routines I just edited them , that’s all fixed up but I now have 3 sensors that will not connect back up, I tried deleting them and re adding them, they flash 5 times but they will not connect one foot from the bridge

I got Two flashes when I inserted a new battery on all three sensors

Probably dead. Maybe lost Mac address? Anyone else out there get a sensor that flashes twice on battery inset to work? I couldn’t.

I did read in several posts … searching for “5 flashes” that appears to mean the sensor is dead.


Not true 3 flashes or 5 flashes mean nothing , the new one I set up just the other night did 5 flashes then it connected to the bridge with no problem, the ones that need battery changed just won’t connect

OK Good to know


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Mine flashed only once and it still doesn’t connect.

zonaloner, did you try unplugging the bridge from the camera, then plugging it back in? Camera has to be fully booted with a solid blue light when you do this. Plug the bridge back in, wait for solid blue, then try to reconnect.

I tried that already (unplugged the bridge and plugged it back in) and I rebooted my router it still doesn’t connect. I deleted the sensor and tried to set it up again that didn’t work either.

Any luck with this? I’m having the same problem. Installed new energizer batteries in each of my sensors, now they wont connect to either bridge. They flash twice when new battery is inserted, they flash five times when the pin is inserted.

Nope I gave up, if this is the case every time a battery dies in a sensor I cannot use them. Now I’ve setup a reminder to check the batteries e dry week. I have to change them when their low. This shouldn’t happen.

Both of my contact sensors died with the battery. The first one that died did the 2 flash/5 flash thing and I gave up on it after a few hours of troubleshooting, I put it away. I got it out recently and it wouldn’t power on at all. Afterward, my second contact sensor recently had its battery die, (with no notification of course!) and when replacing the battery it now does the 2 flash/5 flash thing and doesn’t connect in any way, shape, or form. I’m waiting for support to see if they’ll send a replacement but they’re going through the tier 1 motions currently.

Been on the boat for a fair number of Wyze Early Access devices but I think I’m gonna move on soon, reliability is key and it’s just not present here.

The latest Wyze app informed me that one of my contact senor battery needed changing.

Inserted a new one …blinked 3 times and it was good to go.