2 cameras one usb with splitter at end for power?

I want to run one usb cable, 25ft with a splitter at the end to power 2 cameras close to each other. Will this setup work?

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What cameras will you be using? Are they inside or outside? Will daisy-chaining work for you?

wyze v3, outside under cover, daisy chain?

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I have two cam pan cameras connected with a micro usb y cable which is connected to a 42 foot long micro USB to USB cable. The cam pan cameras draw more amps than the v3 so the short answer to your question is yes.

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So you have a 42’ usb extension cable going into a splitter to power 2 cameras? Thank you for your response.

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Yes. No issues but the standard USB wall adapter that comes with the camera doesn’t have enough amps to power two cameras so I bought some Anker 4 port USB wall chargers.

Good additional bit of info, thanks

No issues on mine…


Do you remember where you got your splitter? Link? I see a couple in Amazon, but would prefer something already tested with V3s.

$6 dollars

these are the cables I used


Pls verify the link? I’m getting Amazon Garage Delivery service.



amazon# CY Micro USB Female to 2 Micro USB Male Splitter Extension Charge Cable for Galaxy S5 i9600 S4 I9500 Note2 N7100 S3 I9300 S2 9100