2 admin accounts



How do you add a second admin account. An account that will have full access to the camera?


You cannot. Each camera is connected to a single Wyze account for admin purposes. You can share the login credentials for that account with another person, and that person will have full control of the camera from their device. Or you can share the camera to a person with a different Wyze account and they will be able to view the live stream, but not be able to change camera settings and will not receive notifications for alert videos. For more info, click Support at the top of this page, then FAQ and see the two FAQs about sharing cameras.


Can I add a second account? I have an account at my house and want to install Wyzecam cameras at my mother’s house. Can I download a second Wyzecam app without replacing and deleting my current app?

I have telephoned Wyzecam Customer Service, left a message and sent an email, all without a response.it


Hi Dan, I’m not really sure what you’re asking here. It’s not possible to have two instances of the app on a phone, it is possible to share access like RickO mentions above.

For your situation what I’d do is add the cameras at mother’s house to your account and then share access with her. You’d be the one changing any settings as administrator and she can see the live video if she’s curious.


If you have an android phone you can try installing the app in the secure folder that might allow a 2nd instance of the app. I haven’t tried it with wyze app though.