2.4 App Release!

@azwayneb, please see the iOS 13 beta and Wyze app thread. :slight_smile:

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Been there, done that.
As you can see by my last post on that thread.
Fortunately, I keep an Android spare phone around to do serious work,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: like Wyze Cam setup.

Awesome, I think I was just trying point out this topic should remain about currently supported OS versions on devices. Wyze is very aware of the iOS 13 beta issue, and is working on it.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and cannot get the Wyze app to load past the startup screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and still no luck.

Hello @celleste. Welcome to the community. If you haven’t tried clearing the cache in the Wyze app, I would recommend doing so. Go to settings in the Wyze app info>storage>clear cache. Restart your phone.

If you can’t get into the app try going to Settings–>Apps–>Wyze–>storage–>clear cache

Did you have a prior version (pre 2.4) of Wyze loaded?
If so maybe an uninstall/reinstall would work.


Please can someone help? I’m having the same problem described by Toothless88. tried to install in two different smartphones (Huawei P8 lite Android 8.0.0).

Since this update I’ve found the app to be very unstable… I’m always getting… App is not responding errors after a few minutes of watching the live stream.
Have restarted both devices and cam, has made zero difference.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you @StopICU33 and @gemniii for your replies. I discovered that my roommate had changed the firewall settings on our internet. I could not get the Wyze app to load using the Wifi connection but I was able to get it to load if I used mobile data. We have since solved the problem. This was a problem with 2.3.69 loaded on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and 2.4.24 loaded on my Galaxy S8.


After activating “Account->App Settings->Camera->Enable Hardware Decoder” seems to be fine and app flows normally as before.

You are welcome, @celleste, and glad your problem with the Wyze app has been solved.

Big thank you to the devs for the thumbnail. So I can quickly glance at my watch and see what’s going on. Great feature.

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I have never had any Notification thumbnails on my Samsung S9+ since I updated to this app.
I got out my Samsung tablet (Android version 7 ) today and updated the app And after I opened it I had the thumbnails The next time I opened the app They were gone and haven’t came back

Mind doing a quick check for me? Do you get the thumbnails back if you run the app in the background (temporarily for the sake of this experiment)?

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That post was before the latest update Since that update all devices are showing Notification thumbnails perfectly.
Thanks Gwen


HOORAY! I’m happy to hear it. :slight_smile:


Always happy to hear a success story. :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations!

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