2.23 App Beta Test 7/21/2021

Here you go

Sorry, I forgot to ask you to submit a log.

I sent a log file and told them to talk to you.
I can’t type on an android.

Got it. Thank you.

These updates for WCO and base don’t show up in the main firmware update area for me but am prompted to update if I go into each device manually. Until I see revision list holding off on updating.

Events not being shown

What’s your phone’s model? and I didn’t get your log id.

Don’t know the log id for the first one but

for the second one.

Now on Beta 2.23…16-
Again, as soon as I press “Location Trigger” it pops to a map, immediately covers the entire map.
log id 265385
And still crashes to home screen in 4 cam pan view.

Hi @gemniii We only have a mobile version, not a pad version. I think that’s the problem for display.

@gemniii could you submit a log after observing the camera group crash and let me know the log number? The log you submitted for “Location Trigger” doesn’t contain the debug information for crash. Thank you!

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Sent: log id 266075

Thanks, but after reading @Seapup
Sent: log id 266075

Thanks, but after reading @Seapup

It seems we are just another one of the “edge” cases :frowning:
On a system with a lot of edges.

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Sometimes the group view dies back to the Home page. Other times the group view crashes the app and needs to be restarted. App crash example log sent: Log ID: 266688

Note that log is sent from tablet, OS and UI identical to @gemniii.


Can I submit too? Been living with periodic crashes to the Home page FOREVER, lol. I’m on an unsupported but recent Fire 10 tablet, but I wouldn’t be surprised you could learn something that would benefit everyone. I submitted log after log after log in the early days, but finally gave up on it.

LOG 266851.

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What are “periodic” crashes? What I’m writing about is a frequency like:

Where I would put the app in portrait group mode, and record the start and the crash time, then generally immediately after it crashes, fire it off again.
/edit - That was on my Samsung A. On my Fire w/ the 5+ OS it’s usually hours or days before it crashes.
And of note - This is all on my local fairly high speed net in Virginia, not on my flaky sub-marginal Mississippi net that I had been on from Jan 2020 thru early July 2020.

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I’m sure each system combo & box has it’s own specific symptoms for this, but my current production Fire 10 tablet is at a rate of about a handful of times a day. Sometimes hours apart, sometimes minutes. My perception is it is when the cameras get busy seeing action. But that may or may not be true.

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Same here. Sometimes it may stay up for a day at most when nothing triggers events. But when something creates constant triggers like wind/branches/leaves, precipitation, flying insects, etc., it fails after a few seconds or minutes. This problem is occurring only on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T510). The problem immediately started after upgrading the tablet from Android 10 to Android 11 / Samsung One UI 3.1. I have other tablets running Android 11 (different kernel and security) and Samsung One UI Core 3.1 (different UI) that have been literally streaming groups of 4 cams each for months without fail.

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Any idea what “animation playback” is for the robot vacuum?

It’s a total playback of the route/paths that your vacuum executed in order to do a cleaning.

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