2.15 app beta test 10/27/2020

The official version of firmware and software has the same issue for me

My post was not addressed to you. I’ have found many issues in this last beta software but posted them in the last beta firmware. At that time, I didn’t know they were software or firmware related. Instead a copy and paste, I have put the link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So after testing the exclusion zones extensively, I’m still getting movement detected well within the exclusion zones.
I can understand if it occurs near or at the edge of the exclusion zone, but it’s regularly picking up movement from well within the zone.
I’ve played with sensitivity, if I reduce it to where it stops doing this it no longer detects anything outside of the exclusion zones either.
I’ll play with it some more, but just wanted to hear if anyone else was experiencing this, or figured out how to stop it.

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I’m having the same problem, and with all cameras watching outdoors I am getting a ton of events because it is completely ignoring the exclusion areas. I even expanded the exclusion areas to ensure it wasn’t picking up the very outer edges of movement, and I reduced the sensitivity but to no avail, It is acting as if there is no exclusion zone at all. I am also getting wacky out of control green detection boxes all over the place regardless of detection zones and sensitivity.

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It took me a while to figure out that the dark squares are excluded, and the light ones are where motion will be detected. I initially thought the opposite. Did I get it right?

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Yes. You select the areas where you want detection.

Yes the dark areas or were you don’t want to detect motion.
I only put the firmware on one camera I have it in living room, TV in view and it is totally ignoring the TV

When someone has time, would you test the following (iOS in my case)? With music playing (i.e. Pandora, SiriusXM, etc.), launch the WyzeBeta app, Events tab, and verify that the speaker icon at the bottom shows muted. Play an event clip and see if it stops the music from playing.

I have the exact same problem


This beta has turned into a nightmare. I am recieving non stop notifications, at the same time constant data uploads.

I have reverted back to 199 and tried to send them a log file, but the send log failed… :unamused:
Please can you try to send a log and see if it works for you?

Did you send a log file explaining the problem?
I tried and it failed…

Sent them a log file 2 days ago. No response

If this version firmware was released to the public , their servers would most likely crash with the amount of motion detection uploads taking place.

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Well, I reverted back to v199 for the pool facing camera and set up the old style exclusion zone, it’s working perfectly.
The thing to note is that the old style exclusion zone does not include the pool, it’ll pick up people swimming in the pool, but never picked up ripples caused by the wind or pool pump on the surface as “movement detected” the new style does pick it up even if the entire pool is excluded from the detection zone… With an extra layer of squares around that to prevent possible beading over… That’s 90% of my back yard… Not useful, as it is, at all.

I tried PowerAmp and Spotify on an Android.
The Events were not muted and did not stop the music when they were played.

Thanks. Can you test again by … 1] first playing something from Spotify, 2) then muting Events (my default), and 3) THEN play an event … see if, even though Events are muted, Spotify will stop playing (it used to keep playing if Events muted). Hope that made sense. lol

Tried it. No matter how Wyze mute is set music keeps playing.

Hmmm, music definitely stops here on the iOS side. I’ve submitted Beta feedback via TestFlight. Thanks for testing.

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