2.12 Beta app test 7/16/2020

It does not wait till end of clip it send notification as soon as it detects, it’s super fast. At least got me it has been and also no more 5 minute notification cooldown. It’s great.

To be clear, no cooldown only applies to CMC subscribers.

can u try what i said above and report back?

use " if detect a PERSON (not just motion), then turn on light/switch",

u may get notification instantly, but ai needed to be processed at cloud.

i can see the motion in the event list and later changed to “person”

How can I verify that the light bulb actually turns on? I actually set my Trigger to turn a Bulb in our spare room off. I thought I could find a section that would show the audit, unfortunately I can not find this. I do not want the light left on.

set another trigger, if light on or x minutes, turn off

That’s fine, but how do I check if the trigger is working?

app — account – rule history

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Thanks, the trigger works perfectly

Now to try and figure out how to sign up for the Beta CMC as all it gave me is the 14 day trial. I was not willing to go thru the sign up and provide my credit card before seeing the line to add the code for it to be for free.

So will users who do NOT use CMC/Wyze Cam Plus be able to still have person detection on their devices?

Yes. Cam plus just adds CMC with person detection.

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Two independent things. CMC provides more footage of all captured events. Person detection is available to help differentiate what triggered the clip. If you have a SD card, CMC is not really necessary.

Is there any cool down between Cam plus captures? I have a cloud/sun motion trigger. Then the Amazon driver shows up. But Cam plus didnt get the driver until he was halfway to the door. There is about 2 minutes between the clips.

Nope no cooldown with cam plus, ever since I upgraded no misses even if people walk within 30 seconds or a minute apart

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Thanks. I think it may be my sensitivity is too low. Not picking up motion from the street. I’ve changed that and I’ll see if it works.

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Cam Plus appears to work perfectly well for me in the Beta app, indicating Person detection 37 times between sunrise and sunset today. Plus the normal amount of Motion detection as vehicles enter or leave the parking lot or traffic circle near my condo. No problems.

Initially I didn’t care about person detection since in my application motion detection has always seemed to be adequate. But now that I see person detection work so well I’m kind of excited about it.

The postal service might deliver mail at my complex anytime between noon and 6 p.m. and it’s always nice to refer to the Wyze app to see if the mail has been delivered before I take a hike out to the mailbox. Especially in the winter.

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is it because the camera taking time to respond?

i posted example here, camera only capture video halfway

I found it was sensitivity too low. I increased it and modified detection zone and works great now.

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I am noticing an issue this morning where the camera that has CamPlus does not show a thumbnail but all my other cameras without it do. @WyzeAndy is there a fix for this?


Also my camera with CamPlus just completely missed multiple events that should have been recorded and marked as a person. This is a big issue! I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with this

I will submit log tickets if you would like.


I’m in the Beta program but just checked and my Wyze Android app is 2.12.28. There is no indication of an update to version 2.12.9.