2.11 beta App Release - 5/27/2020

You must become a beta tester first. Go to Wyze’s how to become a beta tester page and there will be instructions on how to download the beta app.

The viewed events turn to a gray background.

The difference in background colour on all of my devices is so subtle that I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. I think the old way of displaying the device name of unseen events in bold text was far more obvious and it was visible at a glance.

The new design of the event list takes up more space than the old design and on a “small” (5 inch) screen they have a negative impact on usability. Please roll back this change or provide a better solution.

Did auto-unlock break for anybody else with this update? Mine was working great until the latest beta.

@WyzeAndy, @WyzeGwendolyn sent me over here to report a “bug” in the Wyze Beta app. (I am testing something else.)

When the Band firmware update was made available to the general public, I went to upgrade my band. I noticed on the band settings page the new fw version 1.1.1 was displayed, but it screen did not display the version currently installed. That is different from every other product and I thought I’d let you know what I found.

Edit: I made a mistake when I said the band didn’t show the installed FW version. I was when I updated the scale FW. Sorry.

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This is a reminder that the Contact Sensor’s notifications for the “Is left open/closed” settings are still broken. Users have been unable to set or change this setting for months now. This has been reported in multiple “App Release” threads as well as multiple Support tickets.

It seems as if Wyze has been wasting money by sending out replacement contact sensors instead of investigating the app. (I’ve received two sensors, which also don’t work, and I know of at least one other customer with the same experience.) Since this feature used to work, Wyze would save money by investigating the regression instead of needlessly mailing out replacement contact sensors.

My own ticket is: 567655

Developer should read issues in .80 thread.
and correct them if possible.
my view.

In my experience, the “working” range of the sense devices is very poor, regardless of how strong the app reports the signal to be. For example unless my motion sensor is within a couple of metres of the bridge, it detects motion and then remains stuck in the “motion detected” state, indefinitely. This problem makes it absolutely useless.

I’ve seen no evidence at all that the developers participate in this forum. I’ve also had no feedback on any of the bugs that I’ve reported. It’s very disappointing and discouraging that bugs and usability issues in the app are never addressed in this forum by the developers. There are issues that simply never get fixed while cosmetic changes are implemented, for example the recent change to the events list.

When I bought my first Wyze cam, Wyze had a reputation for being responsive to it’s user’s but I can’t see that any more. A good example is the discussion about “Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape” that has been raging for more than a year. No improvement has been rolled out but instead, a few months ago the developers increased the minimum size of the detection zone, which makes the issue worse for some people, including me.

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Auhnivek. My auto unlock has not functioned in any consistent way since it was installed during the early release. I assumed the lock was defective. I made contact with the product manager, who told me replacing it wouldn’t help. No follow up although I have sent many logs. I really think that Wyze should STOP falsly advertising a sought out feature that they cannot make work. But to be honest, I guess it can’t be a Beta issue as I tried the mass release app , which also doesn’t wor k, where is @wyzeteam wyzejonathan

Move fast, break things, sell near cost, provide free storage, AND remain responsive to customers and perfect the products? It can’t last forever. :frowning:

Maybe just growing pains, or maybe they’re looking to grow fast enough and sell.

Hows it going WyzeAndy…

I have an Android phone with the App Beta version 2.11.32. I was asked to test this version to see if the notification delays have been corrected. I assume that I can pass this on to you or in this post, but the notification delays on an Android phone has not been fixed. Here is my experience:

  1. When the phone is on a charger, notifications are close to instant
  2. when the phone is unlocked and being used, notification are close to instant
  3. when the phone initially locks - known as light Doze, notifications work as well
  4. When the phone is locked / Idle for a period of time, the notifications are delayed severely. I have noticed delays ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour or more. This is a concern as notifications are paramount when using this technology.

Note: my iPhone is not impacted with the same delays.

also note: I have done all of the settings to ensure notifications are supposed to function. As a developer myself, I sent the Android development documentation which talks about Doze mode and how to set things to ensure notifications are sent. In addition, the problem does not exist with Arlo and Eufy cams. I also reached out to Google as I have a Pixel 4 and because we are talking Android, as expected not much has come of this yet.

Please let me know id there is something else I should try. There is a lot of chatter about this in the Forums.

Now for an additional issue found: When you go to create a rule and select a trigger device, the non Camera’s show up as numbers and characters as shown in the image. Because of that, it states the device is not found.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I do like the new event screen, The groupings makes it easier to locate or track items. At least for me.

Hopefully something can be done with the main screen to see similar items grouped like the events - maybe by type. There is a wish list item which I also put some screen shots for tablets, but someone else put a main screen design together which would be a positive change (again, I think…).

Edit 2: the recent update 2.11.37 seems to have fixed the device naming issue on my Pixel 4 android phone. Now will test notifications… hopefully it has been fixed as well.


Beta Version 2.11.37 Android update - Notification delay is still there. When in Deep Doze (Android Terminology) the motion and door sensors take a long time to provide the notification. However, it appears the Camera V2 notifies within 3 to 5 minutes - not sure what the difference is, still not ideal but not as long as the sensors.

Are you running Android or iOS? The problem that a lot people on Android are running into is that the app needs to run in the background to work, but it gets suspended by Android to save battery. It’s technically an Android problem as you have to change the setting yourself. The Wyze app can’t circumvent this setting. This will vary slightly from manufacterer to manufacterer, but to fix this you have to go to Settings/Apps and Notifications/Wyze/Advanced/Battery/Battery Optimization and set it to “Not optimized.” Or something to that effect if your phone looks a little different. Ever since I did that it has been working very consistently (beta app is an exception, but that is to be expected). iOS doesn’t have this problem from what I understand. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you.

I have both – iPhone is ok.

Android is the problem and I have all of those setting in place. Background, battery optimization off and in developer options, Wyze App is set to Exempt which implies it will not be affected by the DOZE issue. I agree that it is primarily an Android issue, but since Arlo and Eufy works without issue, I know Wyze can as well. I sent the documentation to Wyze on how to get notifications on an Android phone and not be affected by Doze. there is an API and settings which the developers can take advantage of.

I have made all of the settings you listed, but I also did some deeper digging as I am a developer and found that there is options which can be done as indicated above.

Again - I know it is primarily an Android issue.

I have done the following:

  • Display over other apps - Allowed

  • Modify System Settings - Allowed

  • Background Date - On

  • Unrestricted data growth - On

  • Permissions - None (Not sure if something should be set here)

  • Notification Sound - Default

  • Vibrate - On

  • Lock Screen - Show all Notification Content

  • Show Notification Dot - On

  • Override Do Not Disturb - On

  • Adaptive Notification - Overridden by Adaptive Priority below

  • Wifi Control - Allowed

  • Battery Optimization - replaced with the Developer Option below (Did the non optimized method as well)

  • Developer Option Standby App - Active (which says always work, no sleeping allowed)

  • Developer Option Adaptive Priority Notification - Off

These are my setting on the Pixel 4, I will be glad to make any changes to test and verify. However, this is a big issue if you look around the forums. When the phone goes into Deep Doze, notifications stop for Wyze and even Google Email.

Not sure of what Android phone you have, but there is a toggle in the wifi area which would allow notifications as it inhibits Doze Mode. Pixel has removed this option, not sure why.

EDIT: Do your tests this way. make sure you lock your phone – about 10 minutes or so later trigger an Alert from Wyze. Do not move the phone - leave it on the counter and wait. then see what happens. I would be curious to see if you get alerted. Also, what Android Phone do you have. NOTE: Do not have it on a charger as the alerts will work as expected. It needs to be on battery only


I’ve never had an issue with the range on my sensors, but i’ve had issues with the bridge and/or the sensors locking up and requiring a battery pull on the sensor or power cycle of the camera the bridge is attached it. It’s definitely more often than I would like and makes me hesitant about buying further products initially.

I really wish there was an active bug tracker, not just a forum for people to report issues and then fade into the forum

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I have a Wyze Cam V2 black for a few years. Put the Bridge in and it worked great - but lacked distance. I then purchased the Bundle Pack which included a V2 Camera White. I put the bridge in that and it works a lot better and further than the other.

I think it may be the luck of the draw :slight_smile:

I am happy with my Wyze Sense and Wyze itself. Just need to work out the Notification issues with the Android Phones (Pixel4)

Would love to to have this option over in iOS … to be more precise, iPadOS in my case. An option like this could save my life some day.

There’s a #wishlist topic for that:


It’s more likely that the newer cam has newer, better hardware in it.

For example, in my GM truck, the old keyless entry system only armed & disarmed my truck up to 30 ft away. I replaced it(remote&module) with the next model year after mine and range increased by 300% or more. Checking the remotes & modules, there was an obvious difference in hardware. One had newer, better stuff that made it work further away. Smaller chips. Etc…

This may not be it but it could be something just that simple, and not just “luck of the draw”. That implies that their hardware is subpar and lacks consistency as well as quality. If all of a mfg’s products don’t work the same, there’s issues that need to be addressed immediately. I highly doubt that’s the issue here.

I agree with what you said. I indicated “Luck of the Draw” becasue in reviewing the Forums and personal experience, replacing the camera seemed to work. My In-Laws have 8 camera’s purchased at the same time. a few of them have issues with Distance.

But like I said - I agree with your assessment.

Also, please note: I for one don’t think the products are subpar or lack the quality. I have been through Smartthings and hubitat, and although there is not as many options or features, I would say the Wyze products are one of the finest out there. They are easy to install, setup, and use. I am converting my in-laws to 100% Wyze from Smartthings. Would not do this if they had subpar products.

Sorry if subpar was conveyed :slight_smile:

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