2.10+ beta App Release - 4/27/2020

It’s coming. The outdoor cam should be there soon. Can’t tell how soon for the moment but it’s not that far away.


Ok great thanks!

Nope it’s still in the way.

If you scroll it looks like this.

There appears to be enough room at the top for the Ad.


No. You report them through the app just like any other app. :thinking:

@WyzeFrederik new beta not super great as seen in forum 2.10+ beta App and Camera firmware Release - 4/29/2020

Any plans to fix these issues?

Are we talking about emergency button features? If not, I’m not the person in charge of the other areas so I can’t tell for sure.

No, almost everything but the button.

Sorry I though I should message you since you have been involved in the other app releases. No it is not related to the emergency button. It is about the new camera firmware versions. While we are talking about the emergency button though. How is the update to have the emergency button there when you click on a notification coming along? When should we see this update? Any word on getting some customizations in the app for the emergency button? Places where it will appear? The color of it?

Thanks so much!!

the problem is that it would take too long to get it implemented so the version coming on Tuesday will not have it but it will be implemented for v2.11.

For the customization, very unlikely. For the color, same thing, won’t be able to get it done on time. There are two many screens and companies involved to make that change on time. To make matters worse, China is on holiday from the 1st to the 5th and we we are making a point to not interrupt it.

Does most of the coding take place in China?

Sad to hear that! Are these things that can be done later on?

I have to say that I’m more than a little surprised that such a serious bug (screwed up motion tracking and drag tilt inversion) could be introduced to a public beta. In my experience as a mobile software developer, such basic functions are usually verified with regression tests before software goes out, even to internal testers. Clearly something very fundamental changed in the firmware or the app in order to induce this bug, and the both the developer and the QA group would have to be kinda sloppy to allow this out the door without a fair amount of testing.

I think we are the QA group.

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Happy Cake Day by the way!

@WyzeFrederik, I tested the alarm on beta, went to cancel and it won’t take my pin. Same pin I have used since the Early testing. Now I have an alarm signal I can’t get rid of. Won’t let me look at the pin without canceling the alarm first - which is a good feature.
Here’s the fun part. It also shows up on my other device running the Production app.

I had this problem too!! I deleted the beta app and installed the Regular Wyze App. After about 24 hours when I tried it on the Regular Wyze app which does not support the Emergency Button. It took my pin and went away?.?.?.

Problem with cancelling an alarm should be fixed. A migration caused the difficulty.

The emergency button should not have shown up in the production app. This means that the team forgot to flag the button! :rage:

Do I really have to sign up for a beta development tester app? I just want the software that fixes the dang Bluetooth on the wyze band! I’ve wasted enough time on this piece of junk band already, now I have to sign up for a beta program?

I didn’t buy. BETA version of this band. It should have worked from the start but nooooo as previously reported. Continued shame on you wyze.

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To Wyze’s defense the Band was released as EA (early access) which means it’s not perfect. Your basically the beta tester for the band already. Early Access is made so everyday people can test it and report back to Wyze. If you wanted it to be perfect you should have waited until it came out for sale after EA was over.