2.10+ beta App and Camera firmware Release - 4/29/2020

The .59 firmware caused all of my cameras to stop working with a 3rd party DVR called Camect. They all still worked in TincyCam Pro and in the Wyze app. (Wyze app is currently 2.10.41)

I rolled back the firmware to the .111 versions. They all work in Camect as well as tinycam and wyze app.

Going forward I think I’ll only ever update 1 camera first. But actually I think I want to find out how to get out of the BETA program.

App pan controls on Android seem to have been mixed up. They are nolonger intuitive.

Mine died after update. Just a solid yellow light. Support case open for the issue for the Wyze Pan Cm

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All my 7 cameras died aswell,
And they are installed in another country from where i am living and i will not go to there before september, so thats really bad and have no clue what to do now… :pensive:

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We have many people with cams down or acting up since the update. Any help would be awsome. @WyzeGwendolyn


my 3 Pan’s are dead as well (the non Pan V2’s are fine)

Need an update ASAP. Tried to do a manual reset and dosent work, tried to do a manual firmware update and dosent work. Getting worried I now have 3 bricks

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Yes. And several other issues listed here. Updating the things should have more confirmation dialogs and a better bug fix description than “various”. That is absolutely worthless information. We need to know this info to make an informed decision to go or wait. And, have an obvious way to cancel w/reminder dialogs. Seems like the f/w upgrades are getting riskier due by to pre-mature release this year…

Frequent updates suggest the vetting process for the new code doesn’t have enough testing in the various installation configurations and user hardware. Slow and steady win the race.

I really like your products and the fair price point. Don’t screw up and ship out bad kit. It seems your company ethos is solid - likewise I am investing quite a bit in it, I wish for the future with Wyze products to continue to be fun and reliable. Thank you, JR Abel

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Two things I’ve noticed since the latest update…

  1. I receive notifications to weigh in even though I don’t own a Wyze Scale and obviously have never set one up in the app.

  2. The resolution of each of my 10 cameras keep arbitrarily changing from HD mode (where they have always been set at) to either SD or 360p. I reset each camera back to HD, but when I check back a few minutes later, they are back down to a lower res mode.

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After a couple days of using this this New Firmware Update,
My cameras do NOT Randomly Go Offline, and NO Camera Stream has yet stalled, like in previous versions.

Yes the video quality has degraded, but It’s worth it to keep my cameras online and not randomly disconnecting.

Thanks WYZE

First Impressions after camera firmware update to …

What happened to my beautiful 1080 video ??

I have moving “blotches” all over the live video that fade in and out
My Seven Cam v2 Cameras are all set to HD.
Changing the settings to SD or 360 didn’t make a difference.

Reminds me of when I’m burning mp4 videos and the bitrate is too low.
Maybe offer a setting for the bit rate in each camera ??

A Camera 10 ft away or 60 ft away from the router makes no difference

My WiFi 100/100.

What Performance Improvements should I expect to see in the trade off of the degradation of the video quality ?

I HAVE Noticed cameras are not randomly turning off like in the past …

I’m going to reserve my (harsh) judgement for a couple days until I can keep watching the cameras.
I might change my mind and if the camera streams are stable, I might like the trade off.

Thanks WYZE


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After the update to one of my Cam Pan cameras shows nothing (solid yellow light), will not reconnect after power cycling or will not respond to long press on Setup button and my other two Cam Pan’s still work but their images are terrible.

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Yea, i have the same issue with 1 of my Pan camera. Just a solid yellow light and nothing will respond.

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I went back to .48 after I got .49 which caused the cams to stop recording events, period. Also, agree resolution seems to have deteriorated for me starting with .48. Sounds like .56 is another giant step in wrong direction. I understand betas aren’t release products, but it does get frustrating when previously good features go backward.

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I was able to fixed it by manually installing the firmware again. I used the firmware for the pan cam. Hope this will work for you also.
Here is the link if you need help.

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Any details on the bridge issue? I have one bridge that fails every day or few days - no apparent reason - reboot fixes it.

I am also having the solid yellow light on my pan. Camera shows offline in the app. Power cycling or holding the setup button does nothing.

Are we bricked? Really hoping for an official response. Doesn’t seem good.

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How were you able to access the cam? Mine is permanently offline.

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you don’t need it to be online. Just a memory card. Here is the link that can show you how.

After the most recent Android release, none of my contact sensors are working. All 4 stopped working at the same. The red lights blink when opening or closing but no notifications and no history in the app that there is any activity.

Flashed to v2: yesterday and immediately noticed TinycamPro would continually crash when viewing my son’s room cam. It would load and work with video but as soon as I toggled audio it crashed. Reverted back no problems.

Also while leaving up some other cameras in a group on my ipad each cam was consistently dropping connection as the screens would wash out. I’ve reverted all my cams back to the previous build, and all is good.

tinyCam dev here. Issue has been fixed in tinyCam 14.3.2.