128gb sd card not working


So I bought a 128gb SD card from Costco, put it in the cam, wyze didn’t recognize it. Removed it, into my laptop, formatted the card to exfat as I read people have had success with this format. The wyze now recognizes a card is in the cam, but it’s only showing a capacity of 48mb?

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The max supported card size is 32GB. However, larger cards can work. I believe they have to be formatted FAT32, however. If the camera is recognizing the card, I’d try reformatting it via the Wyze app and see what happens.


As you mentioned, right after I posted, tried the format and it did the trick. For anyone that sees this thread later, exfat format and 128gb is working.

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I got a 64 GB Sandisk Extreme Plus from Bestbuy and wanted to let you know the FAT32 trick worked. Before, I tried the SD card out of the box and also formatting it to exfat afterwards. Nothing worked. I had to download a third party program on windows to format it to fat32. I powered off my wyze pan. Inserted SD card. Turned it on. The SD card was ready to use and did not need formatting in the Wyze app.

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What brand 128GB microSD card were you successful in installing please?

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Bought it from Costco. SanDisk I believe.


Thank you, I had a San Disk 128GB in our HP touch tablet. After reading you post. I immediately tried it and was successful. So, again, many thanx for this hot tip, it is much appreciated.

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Rufus was successful in formatting a 128GB Samsung Class10 U3 card to FAT32 and the card works like a charm. Just set the format type to “Large FAT32” the boot selection dialog to “non-bootable”, and change the allocation size to default.

Also nice to see a fellow ham! 73 and best wishes!