12 seconds with cam plus

I purchased the unlimited cam plus for all my cameras(3-wyze v3, 1-wyze v2, 1-wyze outdoor, and 1-wyze cam pan) but on my cam pan its only recoding up 12 second. The camera is up to date with the latest firmware, and it is also the cam plus subscription is assign to the correct camera I don’t know what else to do?

You should have a blue + on it, go walk in front of it we have v2,v3 on our cat bowl and we get longer than 12 seconds

I do have the blue + on all my cameras but only the wyze cam pan only records up to 19 seconds where it should be recording to 5 minutes an di don’t get it

It will only record when you have movement that never stops I had our guys confirm it with v2,v3,ptz camera and only recorded 23sec when he walked through it,then he jumped around and and all 3 went to live mode and the recordings were over 2 minutes, so no issues were found