12-second is not enough

I have (2) vs2 and (1) pan, & (1) outdoor cams. I believe 12-second clip recording is almost meaningless. It doesn’t help too much. That is the reason I voted $0.00 dollar for person detection. If it was, say, 20-sec, I would pay at least $1.00 or more.
Also, having person detection in v2 & pan does not make too much sense either, since they have motion detection capability. These 2 cams are put indoor, so most of time they are recording our own family members, which I don’t need that.
I want to enroll in the cam plus program of continuing recording, but the outdoor cam does not have this program yet. Only outdoor cam needs to record persons, because it can record any unwanted persons, or intruders.
I hope Wyze company can give this some thought and can increase the recording length from 12 sec. to 20 sec. at least. Then I will pay for this, so will a lot of your customers. I would mind to pay for the cloud storage.
I also have 5 Arlo cams, each one has up to 45-sec. recording which is much matter, & useful.


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