12 second clips saved on phone

The SD card is not for the alert notifications, it is for the “Record on event” or “Continuous recording” that is controlled in the app for each camera under “Advanced Settings”. The 12 second alert notifications are configured in “Event Recording” under “Detects motion” and “Detects sound”. If either of those is toggled on, then alert notifications are sent to the Wyze cloud storage, with a 5 minute cooldown between events. In order to view those events, you select them on the Events page and they are then downloaded to your phone.

Please let me know if that clears it up for you. :slight_smile:

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is there a way to change the 12 seconds into a longer period such as 20 or 30 seconds?

No, but this feature is under consideration in the Roadmap. You can VOTE at the top left of the topic, and also make any comments at the end of the thread.

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thank u again! i am new to this. do u have the wyze pan? do u like it? i just have 2 regular wyze cams that i use outside but under a covered area.

I do have a Pan. It works well in large areas with little activity if using motion tracking. Otherwise, it is constantly moving. I have one Pan, and about 10 V2 cameras. Two of the V2s are outside, and then some pointed through windows in lighted areas.

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I use this app to clean up those files on my phone.
Google Files app


You can clear all the event video if you go to Account > App Settings > Clear Cache. Also if you’re using Google Photos, you can deselect the folders for backup under Google Photos > Settings > Back up& sync > Back up device folders and manage the folders you want to sync.

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Is this something you are considering fixing? This is a major drawback. I may not want to delete all videos and I don’t want to have to spend time everyday going thru these. I need the sound and tracking so turning them off isn’t an option. It’s a big inconvenience. It would be nice to just save video we want to save. Thank you.

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Hi @hfiles1013 . If you’re an Android user this might work out for you:

I agree. Coming from iOS, where it doesn’t do this, this is kind of annoying. Why does it have to download on android but can stream it on iPhone? Doesn’t make sense…

It doesn’t clear it up for me no haha… it just does not make any sense to force my phone to “have” to save those events without my permission. The only videos that should be saved to the sd card are the ones I want to save, not which ever the app wants to save.

I had to backtrack to recall what we discussed. I gave that response four months ago. Which SD card are you referring to…in your phone/device, or the camera?

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I have blink cameras also and the blink app doesn’t save clips to the phone when viewing the recorded events. In other words, I don’t agree that it is the phone’s download options causing this. This is a limitation of the Wyze App. I really wish they would fix it. It is quite annoying always having to delete these videos.


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Where is ‘advanced settings’? I don’t see this on the app on my iPhone.

I also want to know how to view ‘saved’ event videos - I can’t see any way in the app to view them.

Very confused about where these videos are getting saved, to the cloud, to card in camera, to my phone…please explain.

When viewing the camera click on the cog in the upper right, you will see advanced settings.

To view saved event videos that recorded to the cloud, look for them in the events tab on the bottom of the app. Videos saved to the SD card can be viewed by hitting the ‘view playback’ button while in the cam viewer…

Event videos get saved to the cloud, they are downloaded to your phone when you view them. Videos recorded to the SD card remain on the SD card until overwritten.

I want to clairify. rwarburton is using an iphone.

I am using the android platform and the 12 second clips no longer automatically save to my phone as of about 4 months ago ( rough time frame) I am not sure what changed this. the only way to get the clips on my phone is to manually hit the download button when viewing that clip.

I am only posting it for future readers of this particular section. as of that rough time I have not heard of this being an issue still for android.

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OK, thanks; I had found the advanced settings before, when setting up the camera, but forgot how to get into it.

Most ‘events’ are things I don’t need to save, but a few (about 2-3 per week) are ‘keepers’. I have clicked ‘download’ when viewing them, and I would like to be able to view ONLY the videos I downloaded, somewhere, but cannot see how to do that. The only way I’ve found to make these videos easily viewable (without searching through a lot of event videos or recording for myself the day and time when they occurred) is to ‘share’ them by sending them to myself as a text message.

Is there anywhere in the Wyze app to view ONLY the videos manually downloaded by clocking ‘download’?

I do have an SD card in the camera.

Just so I understand, you are downloading the 12 second event videos (the ones you want to keep) and want to know how to easily find them.

I just saved one and it now shows up in my gallery. I am using Android.

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On iOS you keep backing up in the Photos app until you get to the Albums page. There you should see a Wyze album if you have downloaded any clips.

Ah, I hadn’t thought to look in Photos. Just did, and there is a Wyze album, but is has only one still photo that I captured from a video about a month ago, when setting up the camera. No videos. Anywhere else they might be?? (My photo stream has all recent photos, but not these videos, and I downloaded some yesterday.)