110v for use in Europe?

I just messaged Wyze on Twitter and they are telling me that the Wyze handheld vacuum although rated at 110v, will work up to 240v with the proper US plug adapter. Can someone please confirm in detail? Thank you in advance.

I don’t have the handheld vacuum but it says it uses the provided charger and cable, 5 volt-2 Amp output.
The chargers I have for other Wyze devices show input 100v-240v 50/60 HZ, output 5 volt -2 Amp so it should be good to use. the charger is a two prong plug.

You rock! Thank you, Antonius! =)

I think you will still need a European adapter plug.
Back in the old days I used something like this one.

Now days looks better.

You can find all kinds online.

Hope this helps.

Got it! Thank you!