100% Solar Powered Wyze Cam Pan

From the specs for the Pan:

Power Adapter Input 110-240V (AC/DC)
Power Adapter Output 5V/2000mA

I believe you but both of my Pan cameras came with 1 amp adapters.

the pan will turn on, but make weird noises, and it will not conect and as soon as i changed it to the wall outlet it works perfectly.

2.5 amp is plenty and it should work fine. Unless there’s something weird with the USB power in that controller. You could try a 12v to USB adapter connected to the output of the solar controller instead of the built in USB ports. Maybe something like this:


Also experiment with a short USB cable. I have a 16 feet & a 25 feet USB cable, no name Chinese made cable. Most likely has the thinnest gauge wire. The 25 feet cable makes the Wyze cam power recycling and dropping WiFi connection often. The 16 ft cable on the same cam and power module is OK. Long wire means higher resistance. Higher current draw AND high resistance means higher voltage drop. Your 5V may not be 5V by the time it gets there at the cam.


Get a

to ensure you are getting power.
I’ve tested some cables

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How is the battery attached to the inside of the box?

I’ve been looking at ways to reduce the cost of this build and making it more simple.
Do you think the following setup would work? It eliminates the need for the solar charge converter.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) Backup Power Supply with 110V/100W(Peak 150W): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FYJVFNK/ref=crt_ewc_title_huc_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AZF6YB7UVA7OU

Newpowa 10 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Panel 10W 12V High Efficiency Module RV Marine Boat Off Grid

5 Male and 5 Female 12v DC Power Jack Adapter Connector for Led Strip CCTV Camera

Wifi and a phone or computer

Seems you and I discussed the amperage needed for an extended run once… I’ve read somewhere that the Pan Cam does require more amperage than the V2… Makes sense to me as it does rotate thus has a motor draw… 'nuff said?

I am in the process of doing something similar. My plan was to use a solar panel and connect it directly into a cell phone brick charger and then connect the Wyze V2 into that. I could use the battery as overnight power until the sun came back up for recharge. Do you see any limitations with this idea?

Are you converting solar to 120v then plugging in a phone charger to convert 120v to 5v USB?

Hmmm, Solar :arrow_right:︎ Brick :arrow_right:︎ Wyze sounds nifty, I assume that the brick charger has it’s own internal battery storage like my power bank does…but isn’t some regulator involved in this regarding the solar panel and brick???

I bought a solar panel with a 5V USB built in:

My thought was to plug it directly into the battery:

And then plug the Wyze into the battery. Thoughts on that?

Since it is the same voltage (5V) I don’t anticipate a problem but I am NOT an electrician. I had to basically re-learn high school science class to start this project :). What do you think?

Beware, not every power brick can do double duty, that being able to take AND deliver a charge at the same time. Many power bricks cut the output when being charged


You are correct; that in fact did not work. Are there some power bricks that allow input and output simultaneously?

Yes there are but I don’t know which ones off hand. There is a thread on the forum where people posted a battery that would work.
I have one with a solar panel built in that works. It’s about 3 years old and not on Amazon any more. It is called DCAE Solar Charger 12000 mah.

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That stinks, especially after following the link, one customer commented the pack does charge & output at the same time. Possibly the company changed suppliers. The one I have that does it is the samsung brick.
It’s this one
10,000 mAh Portable Battery with Micro USB Cable, Silver


QTY: 1

Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

PRICE: $15.99 $34.99

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I am hoping to hook up multiple cameras at varying heights and angles. Not having enough power is my biggest concern because I will not have access to it for three years. (I am buying property in the US and then moving overseas and want to be able to keep an eye on my land).

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