$10 Shipping Outdoor Cam Bundle

Charging $10 to ship the $50 outdoor cam bundle is insulting! I bought 6 WyzeCam V2’s and didn’t pay that much for shipping, and they weighed more. $10 to ship a $50 item that doesn’t weigh much is ridiculous and is clearly a marketing ploy to make the camera and base appear inexpensive, when actually Wyze is getting more money for it from the inflated shipping charge. Wow, very classy of you Wyze.


Would it make you feel better if they charged $60 for the bundle and had “free” shipping? At that price it’s still a good deal and inexpensive. Do you really think $10 separates inexpensive from not inexpensive?

I mean I think it’s a great product for $60 so if it’s $50 + $10 shipping or $60 and free shipping, I’m good with either.


Don’t deflect from the point, that charging $10 to ship a $50 product is insulting. But for Wyze to say they got the price down as low as they could go is simply a lie! Because they deceptively got a higher price by inflating the shipping cost. Also, by requiring the outdoor camera’s to only work with a base station, that ensure they get even more of our money. Not everyone wants a base station, I get the security aspect of them but they’re just another device that needs to be plugged in for power and takes up another ethernet port.

Wyze used to be a great company, they sold a good camera at a great price and the shipping cost wasn’t too bad, even better when you bought more items because the shipping price went down per item, the more you bought.

For me the $10 shipping cost plus the $4 tax made the total $64 on a $50 product.


Deflect? No, I’m just telling you my opinion. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Would I like cheaper shipping, of course, who wouldn’t. But I don’t have a issue with it. I mean if you don’t like it, don’t buy it and find something else that’s ~$64 or less shipped if you can.

The base station is needed to maximize the battery life. By using the basestation it is still able to maintain a connection with the WCO via a discrete signal since a constant wifi connection (wifi requires a relativity high power consumption) would drain the battery much faster.

Basically the WCO only powers the PIR sensor (which uses very little power) till it alerts of motion to which at that point it turns on the wifi, the camera, the IR lights if needed and begins to transmit the data to the basestation to be uploaded. Or if the user opens the app and clicks live view, the basestation sends a signal to the WCO to turn on wifi, camera, etc.

And being a wireless powered camera, having the basestation to backup the data is a must for me and many others. $10 more is a no brainier. Also, I happened to have a cheap Ethernet switch already for some of my other IoT devices, and my Nest wifi routers each have two Ethernet ports as well, so not concerned with that aspect either.

I’m sure I’m not the only one either. So while I get why you and many others don’t understand why they made some of the choices they did, it’s their product and they did it for a reason. There are many people that this is exactly what they were looking for. They can’t make everyone happy but that’s business.


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I understand why they went with a base station, it’s not rocket science. But guess what…other companies have battery outdoor cameras that don’t use base stations and get the same battery life, oh and they don’t cost that much more. Those camera’s also have been using PIR, like 2 years ago. So it’s not new technology. But I have no problem with those technological choices. My issue is with their deceptive pricing. It’s not a $40 camera or a $50 bundle, if you include a huge shipping cost. It’s like restaurants all over the country charging a convenience fee, due to the minimum wage increases. Or recently, businesses charging what’s basically a COVID fee. I’m tired of getting nickel an dimed to death with additional charges! Before we know it Wyze will be charging us a research & development fee, and a parts fee. Oh and lets not forget a plastic waste fee.

Truth in pricing shouldn’t be that difficult to ask from a company. But the end goal of the Wyze founders apparently isn’t to change the industry while creating quality affordable products. It’s to build the brand and then sell, to retire rich bastards.

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It’s overstated either way, but I’d be more inclined to agree with your premise if the shipping were higher. If you see the comparison I did in the other thread, the WCO shipping is only around $3 more than what they charge for a similarly weighty lock set. It’s still too much - all the Wyze shipping is high – but at worst it’s them being disingenuous about a $4 production cost.

(The WCO is 3 ounces lighter but costs $2 more to ship so I’m fudging in the above numbers. The point is it’s not a huge overcharge.)

Not from Wyze it did not. 6 V2’s run +15.00 USD. The WCO includes the base station and is a larger box.

At any rate if you don’t want to explicitly pay a shipping charge wait until September or October when they appear on Amazon or whenever they show up at Home Depot.


This issue has been perennial here every time a new product ships. Same on Eufy’s forums, same on Logitech etc.

It’s not a matter of caring about money. Never met someone that does not care. If you do it will because they don’t have any to care about. The very wealthy care even more, that’s how they got there and how they will stay there.

Shipping costs do not and have never factored in the cost of the item being shipped. They go off weight and dimensions and sometimes factor in distance and priority.

10 bucks is not an egregious charge. If you believe it is then vote with your wallet and don’t buy.

As a comparison here is a V2 from Wyze with shipping and a V2 from Amazon with “free” shipping. The totals are the nearly the same.

And yes I know Amazon has to make their profit so even though shipping is “free” their price includes their profit. Point being shipping almost always includes more than just shipping.

Wyze Shop

Amazon Prime


Not everyone wants the tires that come on a new car but like the base station they are required to make the item work.


That’s correct. The camera would not have a long battery life if it was connected directly to WiFi. This is why we need the base station :slight_smile:


Frankly that rationale doesnt make all that much sense though. No reason the low power PIR couldn’t wake up its own camera’s WiFi upon motion instead of waiting for the base station to tell it to do so.

I believe the PIR does wake it own cams wifi, the purpose of the base station is to provide a consistent signal, whereas if the WCO connected directly to your router the signal may fluctuate. I’m sure the Wyze engineers could explain it far better…obviously they determined it was necessary.


If it is like my Eufy camera they are using a different wireless spec that is outside of the normal home wifi so they can get longer range and it not interfere with your wifi. You do not want your cameras to not be able to send data because the kids are saturating your network with Netflix :wink:


That’s exactly what the PIR does, wakes the camera up and turns on wifi when it sees motion.

But without the basestation, you wouldn’t be able to turn the camera/wifi on when you wanted to connect/live view via the app. When you open up the WCO via the app, the basestation sends a signal to the WCO to turn on the wifi, camera, IR lights if needed, etc.

Plus, you are able to backup the data to the basestation inside your phone in case something happens to the WCO.

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Thank you, that makes sense.

Buying these from Amazon or Homedepot will be the same cost, they just add the shipping into the price.

All battery PIR camera’s that don’t have a base station, use wifi. I have several Reolink Argus cameras and there is no issue with them giving me notifications via my phone when they sense movement or connecting to them via my phone. The benefit to a base station is the added security that you will have the video stored on it, should the camera be stolen or damaged by a criminal. The downside to a base station is that it’s just another device that needs to plugged in for power and plugged into your router via ethernet. For me, I don’t have anymore ethernet outlets left and I already have a lot of power strips with devices plugged in. If I added an ethernet outlet extension, that’s just another thing that needs to be plugged in for power. At some point my house circuit will be overloaded, with all the devices that are plugged in now.

Yes, I’ve know for a few years the end cost of Wyze camera’s are the same no matter who you buy them from. That’s because Wyze made sure of that, so that Amazon and Home Depot have to sell them at a higher base price, because it includes what we’d pay for shipping directly from Wyze. Wyze has been using an eBay sellers tactic, make the product a low cost but up the shipping cost to get the difference. I’ve never liked this marketing ploy. Just like how pricing is displayed in everything including gas…$2.99 a gallon and people think in there head it’s $2.00…No, it’s $3.00 a gallon!

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Why would Home Depot add shipping to something not being shipped? They do offer to ship them but when they actually do they add shipping when you check out. Unless your quantity qualifies for free shipping.

You are misunderstanding what I am saying. The price point for Wyze cameras at Amazon and Home Depot is a price that would be the same if you bought directly from Wyze with the shipping cost. For instance, a $19.99 V2 camera from Wyze with the $6.00 shipping cost comes to $25.99. At Amazon or Home Depot they sell the same camera for around the same end price. So you could basically say that shipping charge at Wyze is included. So Wyze is fooling us into thinking it’s a sub $20 camera, when they’ve already factored a hidden profit into the shipping fee. If that weren’t the case then Amazon and Home Depot would be selling them at the same $19.99 price point.

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