[Beta] Add Yourself and Get the Badge! (6)

To all @Beta app members, please join this link to be directly notified when important beta updates are posted. This will also make it easier for us to identify beta users when reading posts across different topics. Than…

[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released ( 2 ) (35)

Hi All, We updated our beta app today to V2.0.14 which is our release candidate for V2.0 app. Following are the changes from 2.0.8 beta app. Add in-app prompt when receiving share Add a ‘Settings’ page for shared …

How To Become A Beta Tester (4)

Hi, everyone! Thank you for your interest in helping us beta test! It’s an incredibly important stage for development and your help makes it more likely that we’ll have time to find and fix bugs before launches. As long…

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