Error 1001 For iOS When Using 2.0.17 (2)

We found a bug with the recent iOS beta version (2.0.17) leading to a 1001 error when trying to login. We’re looking into this now and it’s a priority. So if you have run into this, please let us know and hang tight. We’…

[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released ( 2 ) (24)

Hi All, We updated our beta app today to V2.0.14 which is our release candidate for V2.0 app. Following are the changes from 2.0.8 beta app. Add in-app prompt when receiving share Add a ‘Settings’ page for shared …

Firmware v1, v2, Pan released to Beta! (10)

(Sorry for the late update. We released our firmware days ago but I forgot to post a note in Beta forum.) Hi, We released an update for our beta firmware for all three types of cameras. The update contains a fix when p…

How To Become A Beta Tester (4)

Hi, everyone! Thank you for your interest in helping us beta test! It’s an incredibly important stage for development and your help makes it more likely that we’ll have time to find and fix bugs before launches. As long…

[Beta] iOS & Android V2.0.17 app released to Beta! (6)
Notifications replay at 2x speed (6)
2 short term requests; 1. Away and Home mode 2. Alert sensitivity (15)
[Beta] V2 and Pan firmware released to Beta! (7)
Timestamp on the video feed 30 mins slow than the actual time (4)
Wanted playback features (14)
App autoplay camera thumbnails (9)
Notification Thumbnails & Timeline Tagging (4)
Widget Suggestion (8)
Show livestream on the app's Devices page [Feature request] (3)
Apple TV App (3)
Feature Request - Access to SD Card via network path (4)
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Forcing same SSID for direct connect (6)
Help Guide the Discover Tab! (4)
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Predictions for future products (1)
Motion Alert Schedule by days (3)
Wrongs thumbnail intermittently (3)
Suggestion: integrating with Google Assistant (3)
I'm sure these have been brought up before but (2)
Feature request: ability to reboot Wyzecam, via cron on the Linux that it is running on (1)
Beta firmware (11)
Feature request: key in playback HH:MM without using scrollbar (2)
Feature request: Playback for share participants (3)