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Forum Feedback Thread!

Hi, everyone! We definitely made some major improvements with our new forum (not to toot our own horn :trumpet:). But there may be features that you want that we don’t have here yet. Or perhaps you would like to see som…

403 October 3, 2019
Did you experience any login issues with this new forum?

Yes (please reply below) No 0 voters If you made it past the login page, congratulations! :partying_face: We are doing a beta launch and would like to see if users are able to log in and explore with no iss…

57 September 23, 2019
Team Android or Team iOS?

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you Team Android or Team iOS? Join the groups below so we know who’s who on this online community. This will also help us answer your questions faster. By answering the poll, you will also be…

56 September 19, 2019
Wyze Community Guidelines

Welcome to Wyze Communities - Powered by You This is a place for all Wyze community members to connect, share, and learn from others. Please treat the forums with the same respect you would a public park. These are not…

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